Tiny Stars

An introduction to dance for children 2 ½ - 3 years of age. In these 30 minute classes we combine dance with other movement games to create a fun environment for youngsters getting their first exposure to dance. In this program the focus is placed on introduction to basic positions and movements and the development of an understanding of simple rhythms.


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Pre-Dance Programs 

Pre-Dance programs are designed for children 3-5 years old.  Pre-Ballet/Jazz and Pre-Tap classes for ages 3-5yrs, Acrobatic Gymnastics ages 5yrs,  and Hip Hop ages 5 years old,  these 45 minute classes are dedicated to young children wanting to explore movement inspired by music. Your child will gain basic skills to perform and the confidence to think independently. This program will build the foundation for success in dance education by developing fundamental skills and basic movement while introducing strength, flexibility and coordination.  We look forward to giving your young dancer a great start.


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Recreational Program

Recreational Program is designed for all levels, ages and abilities. Students can now choose the forms of dance that excite them the most giving them the chance to build on these styles and refine their skills. In these classes they will learn more independence, confidence,leadership skills and focus all while enjoying the movement and having fun. This is a big step towards understanding the rewarding feeling that dance can bring. From learning in class to dancing on stage this will certainly fill their need for activity and expression. Our recreational program introduces students to a variety of different dance styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, and Acrobatic- Gymnastics. This program provides a great way to get fit and have fun.   Join us today and experience the excitement of dance!


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Boys Only Hip Hop

Boys only hip hop is built for young male dancers who have energy, dedication, swag and a passion for hip hop/dance. 
The basics from different styles of hip hop are taught, from break dancing, to pop & locking! We invite your dancer to join our all boys hip hop program and join the fun. The boys not only learn how to dance and improve their technique, they also learn team work, responsibility, hard work and make life long friendships with fellow dancers who share the same passion as they do.


Prime Time  

Adult Program

This Program is designed to truly challenge and inspire adults who are interested in the word of dance.  Adult Hip Hop, Adult Tap and Adult Jazz classes are available.


Lets Have a Kiki  

Part-Time Competitive Program

This program is the perfect stepping stone for many dancers who want to explore the world of competitive dance and challenge themselves even more in their dance training but without the commitment of the full time program. 
The routines they learn in these classes will be performed at 2 local area competitions only (no out of town travel) as well as at recital, giving the dancers more performance opportunities over the year. Part Time age levels are 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs and 13 & Over.  For more information on this program please ask in the office.



Full-Time Competitive Program

This Program is designed to truly challenge and inspire those students serious about dance. This program offers intense conditioning, technical training, first class choreography and personal attention. Students gain the technique they need through concentrated training in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap and Acrobatic gymnastics. 
 Although the focus is on giving students the ability to pursue dance as a profession, the skills learned in this program have proven to be valuable life lessons that continue to benefit the students in all career choices. Self-discipline, self-expression, responsibility, and time management are only some of the qualities that our students are guaranteed to acquire.

The competitive team will attend 4 competitions in the spring (local & out of town). All competitive group routines will perform in both year-end recital shows.




Tiny Stars


PreDance Classes



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Pre-Ballet/ Jazz

A dance program specially designed for 2 ½ -5 year olds. These classes combine the fundamentals of ballet and jazz with high-energy music and instructors, based on the "ADAPT syllabus - Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”.


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Classes introduce young children to tap dance by teaching tap terminology, rhythm and simple steps to create sounds with their feet in time with the music based on the "ADAPT" syllabus - Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. Ages 4-6yrs.


Hip Hop kids  

Hip Hop

This class focuses on age appropriate hip-hop dancing to music that young kids will love. They will not only learn high-energy hip-hop choreography but basic dance technique as well. We create well-rounded hip-hop dancers while developing strength, coordination and confidence. Ages 5 & up, we also offer Boys Only hip-hop classes ranging in age from 6-12years old.

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

Combination of gymnastics and dance, teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control. Students will learn acrobatic tricks according to skill and ability. This class is an excellent form of exercise and teaches flexibility, balance, strength and promotes muscle development. Classes are offered to students start at age 5yrs.


Dance Classes




Ballet (RAD, Royal Academy of Dance)

Ballet improves strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, all while increasing the student’s focus and body awareness.  Students are taught to use proper posture and poise, and to present themselves in a graceful manner.   Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and helps to improve other disciplines of dance. This is offered to students age 6 years and older. All our ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus RAD (www.radcanada.org). The RAD is the world’s largest examining and teacher education organization of classical ballet. The carefully designed syllabus benefits the recreational as well as the professionally oriented student. There are opportunities for yearly examinations at the grade and vocational levels.




Our jazz program is based on the ADAPT syllabus “Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. Students will learn jazz curriculum, terminology, jumps and turns and flexibility exercises based on age and ability. Jazz is offered for ages 6 and up to all levels of ability from beginner to advanced.




Learn how to make music with your feet. These upbeat classes give students exposure to both classical tap dancing and progressive tap choreography.
Tap classes are based on the ADAPT syllabus. Tap teaches students to count the music, rhythm, timing and coordination. It’s like making music with your feet. Ages 6 & up.



A compilation of different styles of dance, including jazz, lyrical, classical ballet and modern dance with more emphasis on expressive movement, emotion and storytelling.  The students perform this versatile new style of dance while enhancing their creativity and self-expression. This new and exciting approach to dance is similar to the contemporary pieces featured on So You Think You Can Dance. It has become one of our most popular styles and is offered for students age 6 & up.

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acro is a combination of gymnastics and dance. It focuses on concentration, balance, flexibility and control. Throughout the season, acro students at DSDS will work on strengthening their minds and bodies to perform a variety of tricks and exercises such as head/hand stands, aerials, back bridges, cartwheels, handsprings, and more. Our acro teachers are able to fuse the power of acro tricks with the art of dance and prepare students for a performance setting. This style of dance teaches students the importance of being spatially aware, persistent, and confident. It often includes working with a partner and using balance and agility skills to work together and achieve a common goal. Acro students will experience the joy of accomplishing hard earned personal goals with the techniques learned in class. Classes are offered to students ages 5 years to 12 years old.




This high-energy dance form appeals to many dancers. Students will learn current dance moves seen in popular music videos. A relaxed, freestyle form of street dance, Hip-Hop combines cool moves and urban funk choreography to the latest beats. These classes are offered to students age 5 years and older.



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