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Learn and Grow in our Preschool Dance Program

Pre-Dance programs are designed for children 3½+ years old.  Pre-Ballet/Jazz and Pre-Tap classes for ages 4-6yrs, Acrobatic Gymnastics ages 5+ yrs,  and Hip Hop ages 5+ years old,  these 45 minute classes are dedicated to young children wanting to explore movement inspired by music. Your child will gain basic skills to perform and the confidence to think independently. This program will build the foundation for success in dance education by developing fundamental skills and basic movement while introducing strength, flexibility and coordination.  We look forward to giving your young dancer a great start.

Pre-Ballet / Jazz

pre-ballet / jazz

A dance program specially designed for children 3 1/2 -5 years old. These classes combine the fundamentals of ballet and jazz with high-energy music and instructors, based on the "ADAPT syllabus - Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”.  This is a fun and engaging 45-minute class containing ballet, creative movement and Jazz. Students will explore ballet fundamentals, basic jazz technique plus enjoy creative movement which will include simple isolations, turns, jumps and leaps. 




A dance program specially designed for children 4 -6 years old. If you love popular and classic music, stylized and energetic movement, then jazz dance is for you. All styles of classical, ethnic, and contemporary jazz music are used to express the variety of jazz dance styles enjoyed by both dancers and audiences today, based on the "ADAPT syllabus - Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. Jazz is a technical class that develops skill, performance and musicality.





Classes introduce young children to tap dance by teaching tap terminology, rhythm and simple steps to create sounds with their feet in time with the music based on the "ADAPT" syllabus - Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. Ages 4-6yrs.





tiny stars acrobatic gymnastics

Combination of gymnastics and dance, teaches flexibility, balance, strength and muscle control. Students will learn acrobatic tricks according to skill and ability. This class is an excellent form of exercise and teaches flexibility, balance, strength and promotes muscle development. Classes are offered to students start at age 5yrs.



hip hop

tiny stars hio hop

This class focuses on age appropriate hip-hop dancing to music that young kids will love. They will not only learn high-energy hip-hop choreography but basic dance technique as well. We create well-rounded hip-hop dancers while developing strength, coordination and confidence. Ages 5 & up.



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